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Samuel Riding, Regulation Asia, Oct 13, 2016

Study suggests regulators are behind those they regulate in implementing technology.

Analysis & Opinion

Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Oct 24, 2016

New regulatory requirements reveal conflicts and shortcomings among authorities and banks.

Latest News

Editors, Regulation Asia, Oct 26, 2016

New regulations aim to minimise conflict of interest, ensure independent rating decisions.

Regulator says Code of Conduct requirements are at par with international standards, adds some measures.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Oct 25, 2016

New draft bill aiming to resolve bank failures challenged on several fronts, rating agency says.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Oct 25, 2016

Systemic work will be aligned with international trends in US and Japan.

Latest Articles

Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Oct 17, 2016

Goldman Sachs’s victorious case against LIA an object lesson in bank's priorities.

Gen Soledad, Wolters Kluwer, Oct 14, 2016

Speakers at recent Institute of Bankers conference discuss cybersecurity, AML/CTF, and more.

Kevin Davis, Australian Centre for Financial Studies, Oct 11, 2016

Complex ‘quasi-equity' instruments are no substitute for higher equity capitalisation.

Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Oct 11, 2016

Wells Fargo scandal shows regulation's failure to protect individual customers.

Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Oct 03, 2016

Share price volatility shows lack of confidence in German lender’s management, and regulators.