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Samuel Riding, Regulation Asia, Mar 14, 2017

APAC institutions banking on having an easier time in the Trump-Brexit era could be in for a rude awakening.

Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Feb 06, 2017

Trump’s ‘America first’ volley against Dodd-Frank will irrevocably alter the industry, again.

Peter Guy, Regualation Asia, Jan 16, 2017

Rather than starting a third board, HKEX should explore creative ideas for private placements.

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Editors, Regulation Asia, Mar 28, 2017

Two firms confirmed as eligible brokers; BDO Unibank the designated settlement bank.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Mar 27, 2017

One unit advised on futures contracts for more than 10 years without the required license.

Financial institutions could soon be able to access government-held information including biometric data.

Regulator says BCBS unlikely to finalise rules until ‘2020 at the earliest’.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Mar 23, 2017

Former remisier manipulated prices of stocks; traded CFDs on resulting market movements.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Mar 22, 2017

Exchange needs to improve six measures over the next 24 months, will contribute costs.