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Samuel Riding, Regulation Asia, Jun 29, 2016

‘Current prudential treatment of sovereign exposures is no longer tenable’ - BIS

Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Feb 01, 2016

Forcing banks to reduce their dependency on sovereign debt to finance other operations generates uncomfortable questions about what...

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Editors, Regulation Asia, Feb 14, 2017

FSC chairman says financial institutions following the Code will be prioritised in state lender allocations.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jan 09, 2017

Central bank has concluded investigations; other countries continue to probe offences.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Dec 28, 2016

Category 1 and 2 FPIs can hold derivatives up to 20% of a stock’s market wide position limit.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Sep 13, 2016

Move would boost foreign inflows, but domestic brokerages expected to lose revenue.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Sep 28, 2015

The Securities Exchange Board of India intends to begin talking to global fund managers about investing foreign pension money in India.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jul 18, 2015

The finance ministry and the central tax department board may soon issue clarifications on tax treatment making it easier for fund managers operating large India-dedicated funds to set up an office in the country.