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Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Nov 14, 2016

Uncertainty about fund passporting will have widespread impact on asset managers’ international costs.

Giri Girisanthan, Augentius, May 18, 2016

Compliance still an issue for Asian financial institutions despite the milestones reached.

Sean Tuffy, Brown Brothers Harriman, May 10, 2016

Singapore’s absence from passport can support progress on cross-border tax issues.

Latest News

Editors, Regulation Asia, May 11, 2017

Incoming President Moon Jae-in has argued FSC should be a regulator only.

Editors, Regulation Asia, May 08, 2017

Requirements will be similar to those for listed firms, include punishment framework for breaches.

Regional representative Geoffrey Heenan addresses potential ‘balkanisation’ in regulatory reform.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Mar 06, 2017

Code said to encourage institutional investors to engage on corporate risk, capital structure, governance and remuneration.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Feb 14, 2017

FSC chairman says financial institutions following the Code will be prioritised in state lender allocations.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jan 04, 2017

MIS Services, formerly Standard Chartered Investment Services, said non-compliant with MPF Code and Code of Conduct.