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Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Apr 24, 2017

Regulations and fintech are competing to determine trading’s new frontiers.

Ashley Dela Peña, Regulation Asia, Dec 22, 2016

Throughout the year, regulators made continuous efforts to enhance and internationalise the domestic market.

Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Dec 14, 2016

BIS survey covering most tumultuous period in financial history shows how risk appetite has transformed.

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Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 29, 2017

Eased rules for fund managers, private banks to compensate for crackdown on offshore derivatives.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 23, 2017

CSRC could further liberalise QFII; SAFE head vows further foreign exchange reforms.

Private letter says several other regulatory timelines will also be altered; HKMA to also delay implementation.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 22, 2017

China guidelines, India government report to be released next week; progress stalls in Korea.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 15, 2017

Organization sites regulatory initiatives in Australia, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 14, 2017

Annual report also confirms surge in cases completed; emergence of conduct as key regulatory battleground.