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Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Apr 24, 2017

Regulations and fintech are competing to determine trading’s new frontiers.

Ashley Dela Peña, Regulation Asia, Dec 22, 2016

Throughout the year, regulators made continuous efforts to enhance and internationalise the domestic market.

Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Dec 14, 2016

BIS survey covering most tumultuous period in financial history shows how risk appetite has transformed.

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Editors, Regulation Asia, Apr 26, 2017

Exchanges told to adhere to regulations on securities, futures and forex; tighten AML controls.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Apr 25, 2017

Single regulator would supervise equity, government bond, currency, commodity future and corporate bond markets.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Apr 13, 2017

Committee launched 2 months after central bank reminder that all VC platforms are unlicensed.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Apr 03, 2017

Companies offering short-duration derivatives in NZ will require license from December 2017.

Regulator says BCBS unlikely to finalise rules until ‘2020 at the earliest’.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Mar 20, 2017

Banks will be under third-party supervision as they fix ‘systems, control and monitoring’.