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Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Jun 05, 2017

Italy’s rejection of European mandatory bail-in rules threatens key regulatory approaches to bank rescues.

Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, May 22, 2017

Trump’s idea to bring back proprietary trading to boost banks’ profitability carries major risks for Basel.

JP Reimann, Regulation Asia, May 14, 2017

Domestic authorities' actions, relative isolation of currency insulate global financial system from China risk.

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Private letter says several other regulatory timelines will also be altered; HKMA to also delay implementation.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 22, 2017

Fund deputy managing director says search for yield is bringing new, less understood risks.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 22, 2017

Bad loans, and in some cases difficulty raising capital, expected to push introduction past current March 2019 deadline

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 21, 2017

Suggested guidance designed to supplement previously issued Principles and Standards.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 21, 2017

Credit profiles vulnerable to adverse shocks with national household debt-income ratio at 190%, ratings agency says.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 15, 2017

Banks' adoption of standard in January 2019 to put heavy pressure on balance sheets, report suggests.