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Samuel Riding, Regulation Asia, Dec 15, 2016

Japanese regulators break from the pack on capital regulation, HFT and fintech.

Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, May 23, 2016

Japanese regulators ignore lessons from the financial crisis and seek to relax key Basel requirements at their own peril.

Andrew Bernard, Tradeweb, Dec 16, 2015

Moves to reduce systemic risk and increase transparency in OTC derivatives support technological innovation.

Latest News

Editors, Regulation Asia, Apr 05, 2017

Bonds will meet requirement that TLAC instruments be equivalent to at least 18% of RWA.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Mar 20, 2017

Regulator says Virgin-islands registered broker manipulated four stocks.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Mar 10, 2017

JFSA also eyes cross-border rule making on blockchain.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Mar 09, 2017

Probe will also look at senior management involvement in decisions of asset management units.

Banks will not have to post VM in transactions with jurisdictions which have no margin rules or have granted forbearance.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Mar 01, 2017

Exchange will deploy NEC machine learning, Hitachi AI technology.