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Samuel Riding, Regulation Asia, Dec 08, 2016

Highlights from Regulation Asia’s 2016 India Roundtable with ICCL, Stockholding, EY and PIVOT.

Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Apr 21, 2016

How India illustrates the issues Asian markets face in implementing new standards.

Samuel Riding, Regulation Asia, Apr 21, 2016

India needs to shift the balance between government- and corporate-issued debt, according to panellists at India Regulatory Summit 2016...

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Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 22, 2017

Bad loans, and in some cases difficulty raising capital, expected to push introduction past current March 2019 deadline

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 15, 2017

Exchanges limited to one underlying; minimum turnover set at $31mn/$155mn.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 07, 2017

Securities regulator looking into 174 possible cases over last three quarters of 2016.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Jun 05, 2017

Trio of banks said to have substantial discrepancies between bad loan disclosures, RBI figures.

Editors, Regulation Asia, May 24, 2017

Central bank warns of enforcement action if banks don’t implement Joint Lending Forum recommendations.

Editors, Regulation Asia, May 19, 2017

Regulation introduces concept of business correspondent-run ‘banking outlet’.