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Douglas Cheung, Wolters Kluwer, Mar 27, 2017

Trying to compile all the new reports at the last minute should be avoided at all costs.

Peter Guy, Regulation Asia, Oct 27, 2016

Regulator’s fintech commissioner reveals how forward looking authority deals with rapid technological change.

Kevin Davis, Australian Centre for Financial Studies, Oct 11, 2016

Complex ‘quasi-equity' instruments are no substitute for higher equity capitalisation.

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Regulator says BCBS unlikely to finalise rules until ‘2020 at the earliest’.

Regulator will ask six questions to assess a DLT’s regulatory compliance.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Mar 20, 2017

Banks will be under third-party supervision as they fix ‘systems, control and monitoring’.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Mar 10, 2017

Paper seeks comment on potential risks from 3 possible models for competition.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Mar 10, 2017

ASIC deputy chair says it is considering ‘all regulatory options’.

Editors, Regulation Asia, Mar 09, 2017

Centre identifies failures in risk assessments, outsourcing and governance.